A Love Letter to Singapore

To Singapore,

As I write this, it hurts me to think about the fact that I have to leave you and all of your tropical beauty in a mere few days. I can’t even begin to fathom how quick my heart will be racing and how sad I will be to board my plane to begin the next adventure in my life. Although exciting to embark on something new, a piece of my soul will always be left behind in Singapore.

It’s interesting to reflect, because when I found out that I was moving here when I was a freshman living in New Jersey, comfortable with my life, I wanted nothing less than to move all the way across the world and start new. Now, I want nothing more than to have just a bit more time with you.

The people, melting pot of cultures, opportunities, palm trees and bubble tea are barely scraping the surface on the list of things I will miss the most.

I’ve met some of the most interesting taxi drivers, many of which have listened to a problem I’ve faced, provided me with life advice, or told me a story from their childhood leaving me awestruck and inspired. I will definitely miss that aspect of Singapore. It being so diverse and meeting the most interesting people when you least expect it.

It’s crazy to compare the person I am today versus the person I was before I found you. The contrast is quite astonishing. You have allowed me to become a global citizen, give back to communities I otherwise might have never visited or known about, create lifelong friendships, learn about life, love, and mature into the person I am today. I truly cannot thank you enough.

Thank you forever and ever for shaping me into the person I am today, you will forever be such a special place to me.

Love Always